After effects of taking steroids

Although probiotics are quite safe, there is risk associated with using them in place of conventional treatments. Self-diagnosis and self-treatment for mild, short-lived conditions can be useful, but no alternative remedy should be used in place of professional medical help, especially for serious or chronic diseases. The few risks associated with probiotics may be greater in people who are very young, very old or suffering from a condition that seriously impairs the immune system. People in these categories should discuss probiotics with a qualified physician before taking them. Anyone experiencing unwanted side effects from probiotics should promptly report the problem to a medical professional.

I have been off of gabapentin for 61/2 months now. I was taking 1200 mg and I first went down 300 mg and it was HELL!!! After recovering from that and with the help of some nutritional supplements, I started tapering down 100 mg every 3 weeks and that made it much easier to go down. The last remaining 100mg was the hardest to come off of but I did it! Anyway, even though I am still taking the nutritional supplements, I still have my days where I feel like crap.  This has left me feeling very depressed and I don't know if this is coming from the fact that I am no longer on gabapentin. I do take an antidepressant. I do recall another woman said she has issues with depression as well once being off the can't stand living this way much longer. I can hardly walk very far anymore and my legs are weak. Has anyone else had this problem going off of gabapentin?  This drug is a poison and I wish I had ever taken it!! Thank you!

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After effects of taking steroids

after effects of taking steroids


after effects of taking steroidsafter effects of taking steroidsafter effects of taking steroidsafter effects of taking steroidsafter effects of taking steroids