Androgenic anabolic ratio chart

In order to test the effects of which steroids might fit this profile, scientists such as Julius Vida took the testosterone molecule and modified it in every way, shape, and form possible. Since the levator ani muscle was found to have one of the highest concentrations of androgen receptors, it was assumed that this would be a good way to test steroids to determine whether their effect on skeletal muscle growth would be effective.  So, a lab rat was administered with a steroid and then sacrificed, and its effects on the levator ani, seminal vesicles, and the ventral prostate were then viewed to determine the effects on each of these organs.

I agree with this except for the BCAA part, which is an oversimplification. Leucine is the only BCAA that benefits fasted training. The other 2 BCAAs are pretty much useless. Moreover, HMB (metabolyte of Leucine) is even better. I’ve been doing fasted training for a while, and have tried all 3 (BCAA supplement, Leucine, and now HMB). I notice a subtle difference across the board; mostly notably, my strength gains and recovery feels improved, and my guess is the HMB is doing a better job of preventing of muscle breakdown as a result of fasted weight training. I train at 6am and don’t break my fast until about 11am or 12pm. So this supplement category in particular is important to me.

Androgenic anabolic ratio chart

androgenic anabolic ratio chart


androgenic anabolic ratio chartandrogenic anabolic ratio chartandrogenic anabolic ratio chartandrogenic anabolic ratio chartandrogenic anabolic ratio chart