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Selig suspended Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott for a year in 1993 for repeated racially insensitive and prejudicial remarks and actions. The same year, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was reinstated from a lifelong suspension that was instituted by Selig's predecessor Fay Vincent . Pete Rose has claimed that he applied for reinstatement over the years and received no such consideration. Rose, along with his close friend and former teammate Mike Schmidt (who is a strong supporter of Rose's reinstatement into baseball), met with Selig in 2002, where Rose privately admitted to Selig (two years before going public with his admission) about betting on baseball . Bud Selig was a close friend of the late Bart Giamatti , who was the commissioner when Rose was first banned from the sport in 1989.

• Alfonso Soriano : One of four players to ever post a 40-homer/40-steals season, achieving the feat during his lone year in Washington (46 homers, 41 steals in 2006).
• Paul Konerko : A (mostly) one-team player, Konerko has a World Series ring, more than 400 homers and little chance of getting Hall votes.
• Adam Dunn : The owner of a whopping 462 career homers, Dunn's one-dimensional game led the big slugger to have just one season with a WAR above .
• Cliff Lee : Posted pitching WAR in a six-season span.

Biggio bagwell steroids

biggio bagwell steroids


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