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“Ace” – 13 month black lab male. Ace is obedient, force fetched, steady, performing multiple marks on land and in water, running through decoys, running from blind and has some hunting experience. Ace is ready to hunt now! He is currently performing three handed casting drills and the running “T” drill. Once Ace transitions to blind retrieves his price will increase accordingly. Ace is a hard charging nice dog with a nice pedigree as well (untitled sire and dam but grand sired by NFC FC Two Rivers Lucky Willie and NAFC FC AFC Candlewoods Rambling Man).  

Since prog and fusion are what pushes my buttons the hardest, that is the sonic sea upon which I eventually set sail. First up is the DVD-A recording of King Crimson’s album Red . This is the best version I’ve heard of this masterpiece and, with the Aleph 60 in play, I’m able to hear Bill Bruford’s unique snare drum tuning with all of its dynamic punch. On the live selection “Providence,” John Wetton’s signature bass sound is captured intact. The same goes for the self-titled first album from Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The big, fat and tactile Hammond organ is right there in all its majestic fullness.

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Black dragon labs steroids

black dragon labs steroids


black dragon labs steroidsblack dragon labs steroidsblack dragon labs steroidsblack dragon labs steroidsblack dragon labs steroids