Can't uninstall websteroids

Hey everybody, I have found the solution. So i download IFunbox for my pc and it also downloaded Chromium, i thought it was google chrome and proceeded to download it. So then a search engine popped up on the top of my screen, and Chromium was on my taskbar. I read posts on how to delete and i followed them, i went to control panel and uninstalled search engine remained but i deleted every Chromium there was. And then i went to Task Manager and deleted the Chromiums there. But still no luck with the search engine. I went back in Control Panel and then uninstall program. I looked at the dates for every application and deleted the ones that were todays. I deleted IFunBox but that didnt resolve the problem, i scrolled a little bit further and saw WebDiscoverBrowser and deleted. I exited out because i couldnt find any other Applications and to my luck the search engine was gone. The Solution :
1. Go into Control Panel
2. Find Uninstall Program
3. Delete WebDiscoverBrowser and Chromium

"This program cannot be uninstalled because it is being used by another user on this computer" The uninstaller needs to close any running instance of the application before uninstalling, but this is not possible if the application is running under another Windows user account on the same computer. To ensure the application is not in use:

  1. Reboot the computer, to ensure that no other user accounts are logged on.
  2. Close all open windows, to ensure that the application is not running.
  3. Try again to uninstall the application .

Can't uninstall websteroids

can't uninstall websteroids


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