Chinese olympic athletes steroids

In most arenas I am no less cynical than the most cynical of the earlier commmentators….BUT….here I seriously doubt that in her Olympic quest Kerri Walsh would shoulder (pun please forgive) any product that was not performing its necessary function. If she had purported to wear it therapeutically between matches, I’d ask the money question first. But in my view money had to be not only secondary but tertiary , by a long shot, behind effectiveness to employ such a potentially damaging distraction during Olympic competition.

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Photos of Blagoy Blagoev and Valentin Khristov by Bruce Klemens. Photos of Zbigniew Kaczmarek, Kazimierz Czarnecki, Taduesz Rutkowski and Sergiusz Wolzaniecki by Jan Rozmarynowski via Polish Weight Lifting Federation. Photos of Pyotr Korol, Yuri Zaitsev, Daniel Senet, Krastiu Semerdzhiev, Angel Guenchev, Yingqiang He, Israel Militosyan, Peter Immesberger, Shoubin Liu, Jinhe Li, Ibragim Samadov, Ashot Danielyan, Ivan Ivanov, Sevdalin Minchev, Wenxiong Wu, Xiangxiang Zhang, Igor Razoronov and Israel Rubio courtesy of Arthur Chidlovski and .

Chinese olympic athletes steroids

chinese olympic athletes steroids


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