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In some ways, the body is like a race car. When a driver speeds his race car down a track at 130 mph and takes his foot off the gas pedal, the car does not immediately decelerate down to 40 miles per hour. The momentum keeps the car in the 100mph+ range for quite a bit of time. When the driver hits the gas again, the car seems to take right off to 130. A similar effect can be observed during dieting. When you take your foot of the gas, by cutting back on cardio and eating more, the shedding of body fat does not come to a halt . Surprisingly, the body often continues to burn quite a bit of fat even when heavy cardio and extreme low carb dieting is removed from the equation. Think of pulling back on the diet and cardio as the race car driver taking his foot off the gas. When you go back to pushing the low carbs and intense cardio, you often look even better. That's why after 4 weeks of pushing the body, I like to recommend bodybuilders bring the cardio down to as little as 20 minutes a day and avoid low carbs for roughly a week. A one-week break is good for the body and productive for fat loss. When you go right back to the system outlined above - and put your foot back on the gas pedal- you will start seeing tremendous results.

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8. Eat (or supplement with) garlic This bulbous flavourful herb common to Asian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking has a long-deserved reputation as a health food. Recent research has shown that garlic along with a high-casein diet altered the body’s hormonal status, yielding lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol. Other studies have shown that garlic may help increase testosterone levels. In general, the higher your testosterone levels, the lower your cortisol levels. So supplement with garlic powder — 450 mg twice daily with meals — or with a garlic supplement that provides about 4 mg of allicin with casein protein shakes. This may help keep cortisol to a minimum.

Chris aceto steroids

chris aceto steroids


chris aceto steroidschris aceto steroidschris aceto steroidschris aceto steroidschris aceto steroids