Corticosteroid cream on face

Google skin clinics near ur area..if u are from south africa like me u can go to Diva Slimming Aesthetics in Sunninghill, they do removal of steetchmarks. Well stretchmarks wont completely go away but atleast they can fade after a few treatments. Bio oil and other stretchmark creams alone, wont help with severe stretchmarks u need laser treatments to get them removed. They charge R1200 for 3 sessions in 1 area for removal of stretchmarks. Bio oil and other creams will only help abit I guess…Steroid creams like epiderm, bethnovate, movate, g&g, diproson, all creams that come with tubes all contain steroids…steroids cause stretchmarks in the long run…hydroquinine products can only be used for a short while if u use hydroquinone for too long, it makes dark patches on ur forehead called ochronosis. Ladies u must google information first for anything u want to do or anything the u!

Thirty-five patients (63% males; mean age , standard deviation years; with 21 moderate and 14 severe disease) were recruited. At start, S aureus was isolated from the right antecubital fossa and the worst affected areas in 66% and 71% of these patients, respectively. At completion, S aureus was isolated in 23% and 40% at the antecubital fossae and worst affected areas (P= and P=, respectively). No methicillin-resistant S aureus was isolated in this series, but the percentage of fucidin-resistant S aureus increased from 8% to 58% (P<). Disease severity and quality of life were significantly improved (pre-Objective SCORAD and post-Objective SCORAD were ± and ±, P<; pre-CDLQI and post-CDLQI were ± and ±, P<). At the right antecubital fossa, skin hydration improved from ± to ± (P=); and TEWL from ± to ± (P<). Eighty percent of patients found the treatment good or very good, and only one (3%) patient found it unacceptable.

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Corticosteroid cream on face

corticosteroid cream on face


corticosteroid cream on facecorticosteroid cream on facecorticosteroid cream on facecorticosteroid cream on facecorticosteroid cream on face