Corticosteroid drugs ppt

Respiratory illnesses caused by influenza virus infection are difficult to distinguish from illnesses caused by other respiratory pathogens on the basis of signs and symptoms alone. Sensitivity and positive predictive value of clinical definitions vary, depending on the prevalence of other respiratory pathogens and the level of influenza activity in the community. Among generally healthy older adolescents and adults living in areas with confirmed influenza virus circulation, estimates of the positive predictive value of a simple clinical case definition of influenza (acute onset of cough and fever) for laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infection have varied (range: 79%--88%) ( 80--82 ).

Some have advocated supportive therapy for abdominal pain on the premise that fibrosis and scarring ultimately progress to pancreatic burnout and spontaneous relief of pain. Although long-term improvement in pain has been observed in some patients with CP, a significant subset of patients experiences debilitating pain for decades. The AGA technical review has stated that "a strategy of waiting for spontaneous pain relief is not reliable and may be unreasonable advice for the patient with persistent, severe pain." Furthermore, there is growing evidence that there is no association between duration of CP and improvement in pain. Medical options for pain relief include abstinence from alcohol and smoking, analgesics, and pancreatic enzymes. Abstinence from alcohol is critical because continued use can hasten disease progression, aggravate chronic pain, and increase mortality. Non-narcotic analgesics (., nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen, and tramadol) are the next step in managing painful CP. The role of smoking in the progression of fibrosis and functional impairment has been established in recent studies. Therefore smoking cessation should also be strongly advised. If pain persists, low doses of mild narcotics may be added. Severe or recalcitrant pain can warrant the use of stronger opiates in selected cases.

Corticosteroid drugs ppt

corticosteroid drugs ppt


corticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs ppt