Define topical steroids

Patients with mild to moderate distal colitis may be treated with oral aminosalicylates, topical mesalamine, or topical steroids (Evidence A). Topical mesalamine agents are superior to topical steroids or oral aminosalicylates (Evidence A). The combination of oral and topical aminosalicylates is more effective than either alone (Evidence A). In patients refractory to oral aminosalicylates or topical corticosteroids, mesalamine enemas or suppositories may still be effective (Evidence A). The unusual patient who is refractory to all of the above agents in maximal doses, or who is systemically ill, may require treatment with oral prednisone in doses up to 40–60 mg per day, or infliximab with an induction regimen of 5 mg/kg at weeks 0, 2, and 6, although the latter two agents have not been studied specifically in patients with distal disease (Evidence C).

There are several distinct types of dermatitis that are delineated by the cause or the cellular mechanism that's responsible for the rash. One specific type is  allergic contact dermatitis . This is a delayed hypersensitivity reaction involving allergens and antibodies. Another form of dermatitis is irritant contact dermatitis . This is exposure to irritating chemicals or detergents. There's also atopic dermatitis, an allergic-type reaction that is accompanied by hay fever, asthma, and very dry skin. Other types of dermatitis include:

Define topical steroids

define topical steroids


define topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroidsdefine topical steroids