Do asthma inhalers have steroids

A neb treatment has 2500 mcg of Albuterol, while two puffs of an MDI is 200 mcg of the same medicine. The increase in heart rate often noted with the neb reflects the higher dose. So how do we explain the often reported similar subjective and lung response in patients regardless of delivery method ? I’m not sure, but I wonder if the neb dose could be lowered without sacrificing response for those instances where the MDI is effective. Or approach nebs like we do with an MDI: start with 500 – 1000 mcg, and if desired take a second treatment.

We know from the calls we get to our helpline  that many people with asthma have concerns about taking their medicines . For some people, taking medicines every day can feel complicated. It might feel strange to be asked to take a preventer medicine every day, even when you feel well. You may be finding that getting into a routine to take an inhaler every day is tricky when life can be busy and you're juggling family, work, or feeling unwell. Or you may worry about possible side effects from taking medicines for a long-term condition.

The sponsors of have years of experience in providing care to adults and children with asthma . They don’t prescribe drugs, like asthma inhalers, with dangerous side effects that only address the symptoms of conditions. No, they go right to the source and try to identify the cause, so that you can heal from the inside out, not the outside in. Outside in (using an asthma inhaler to “fix” your asthma problem) – that’s just not true healing, it’s a band-aid on the problem and it will eventually fall off. When it does, the problem will still be there, and maybe they’ll be another one, in the form of a side effect, that might require another drug. Is that really the way you want to live? Is that really the way you want your child to live?

Do asthma inhalers have steroids

do asthma inhalers have steroids


do asthma inhalers have steroidsdo asthma inhalers have steroidsdo asthma inhalers have steroidsdo asthma inhalers have steroidsdo asthma inhalers have steroids