Inhaled steroids

There are no adequate and well-controlled in pregnant women; there are clinical considerations with use of inhaled corticosteroids (ICS), including beclomethasone dipropionate, in pregnant women; available human data do not establish presence or absence of drug- associated risk to fetus; in animal reproduction studies, beclomethasone dipropionate resulted in adverse developmental effects in mice and rabbits at subcutaneous doses equal to or greater than approximately times maximum recommended human daily inhalation dose (MRHDID) in adults ( mg/day); in rats exposed to beclomethasone dipropionate by inhalation, dose-related gross injury to fetal adrenal glands was observed at doses greater than 180 times the MRHDID, but there was no evidence of external or skeletal malformations or embryo lethality at inhalation doses up to 440 times the MRHDID

What can be done to maybe ease your easy bruising? If you’re really troubled, chat with your doctor to make sure that everything else checks out okay. Otherwise, though, regularly using moisturizer on areas that bruise easy–for me, my legs–can help protect the skin and perhaps toughen it up a bit. 1 Protecting easily affected areas from the sun through keeping covered with clothing, or application of sunscreen 1 may help (this could explain my less prevalent bruises in winter when I’ve got jeans on to protect my legs instead of just shorts, and the change in sun exposure.

Inhaled steroids

inhaled steroids


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