Low potency topical steroids

Most people choose an Arnica topical based on familiarity (prior use), as well as the texture, smell, and general feeling the product creates on their skin. Some topical products can be more greasy or sticky, fragrant or scentless, etc. To determine which type of topical is best for you, be sure to check all ingredients, including those labeled “inactive.” This section is where you will locate any scents, oils, and other compounds including preservatives that differentiate the product. Noting the inactives is especially important for those who are allergic to any commonly used ingredients.

Recently a new disease has been described called the “Localized Eye Area Sensitivity Syndrome”. This disease was reported by Stephens T J et al in 1990 (see attached paper describing condition with all appropriate references). This disease demonstrates the irritancy potential of topical preparations around the eyes and clearly indicates the need for the invention described herein. There is a definite urgency for the development of the invention, since it is needed for patients with ophthalmologic and dermatologic dermatosis in the region of the eye and within the eye. Localized Eye Area Sensitivity Syndrome (LEASS) has been described as a collection of both subjective and objective symptoms which occur when susceptible individuals apply topical products containing certain chemicals to the periorbital area.

Pharmacokinetic studies in men with Topicort® (desoximetasone) Ointment % with tagged desoximetasone showed no detectable level (limit of sensitivity: μg/mL) in 1 subject and and μg/mL in the remaining 2 subjects in the blood when it was applied topically on the back followed by occlusion for 24 hours. The extent of absorption for the ointment was 7% based on radioactivity recovered from urine and feces . Seven days after application, no further radioactivity was detected in urine or feces. Studies with other similarly structured steroids have shown that predominant metabolite reaction occurs through conjugation to form the glucuronide and sulfate ester.

Low potency topical steroids

low potency topical steroids


low potency topical steroidslow potency topical steroidslow potency topical steroidslow potency topical steroidslow potency topical steroids