Mens balls on steroids

Testicular atrophy is one such issue, although many of the studies suggesting it does cause shrinkage are relatively outdated — from the 1980s. Nevertheless, the majority of it suggests that smoking weed lowers testosterone levels, either directly or through precursor hormones; or causes testicular atrophy in monkeys and dogs. A study from 2012 revives this idea, and finds some evidence in men living in the Niger delta area of Nigeria. In that study, 75 men who smoked marijuana were also likely to have shrunken testicles, infertility, and even male breasts.

Quite a few [cutters] collect them. They preserve them, they put them in jars. One guy embedded his in plastic and now it's an ornament somewhere. This typically happens when you're in a master/slave dominant/submissive relationship and the submissive gives up his balls to his partner for keepsake. And then you get into this S&M thing where the dominant partner controls and regulates the libido of the submissive. Especially if the submissive is on say androgel where the turnaround time from full sexiness to limp dick is about on the order of a week. The reaction time for the transdermal is very fast. Whereas the injections wear off after two to three weeks. The half life of the testosterone I'm taking is eight days.

Mens balls on steroids

mens balls on steroids


mens balls on steroidsmens balls on steroidsmens balls on steroidsmens balls on steroidsmens balls on steroids