Natural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuilder

All I know whether on roids or not these people have made it their lives to look like they do for better or worse for themselves. An did they profit from that and are misleading ppl then yeah that sucks and is wrong. They are making something hard look easy. I think everyone has that talent wether you learn what it is and make money off it idk. They found theirs tho, and you should keep looking to. Because your talent is not this blog. If your making money great hope you don’t get sued but don’t hurt a truly innocent person. Your no different the people your calling out if making money off this and it’s meaningless. They are atleast trying to change and help ppl and make money, you made a natty or not blog rid off hotornot with the hot button or not.

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Ek is seker dat die ander Lesers vir jou van raad bedien. As dieetkundige kan ek nie een van die diete aanbeveel nie, veral as jy dit 'n leefwyse wil maak! Dit is belangrik dat die dieet wat jy kies vir jou verslanking wel 'n leefwyse kan word en daarvoor is dit uiters belangrik dat jy 'n gebalanseerde verslankingsdieet begin gebruik. Om gewig te verloor kan jy 'n lae-vet, hoë-vesel verslankingsdieet (kliek op 'Diet' bo aan hierdie bladsy, en dan op 'Weight loss' en 'The right approach' en 'Slimming Diet') gebruik en sorg dat jy elke dag ten minste 30 min se aërobiese oefening doen. Dit is nie nodig om 'n gimnasium by te woon nie. Jy kan elke dag vir 30 min flink stap of touspring. Begin eers stadig met die stap en doen elke week meer soos jy sterker en fikser word.

Hy Guys, Anna Konda the Naturalborndom here. I am the Strongwoman, Muscledom (Muskeldomina), Female Powerlifter and the physically strongest german Female Wrestler. I started to train many many years ago and started to wrestle in 2010. Since 2010 i have beaten hundreds of men in my Mixed Wrestling Sessions. I beat them up and dominate them the way i want. I do Wrestlingsessions because Fighting so many Men as possible in Sessions and beating them all is the proove that the stronger Sex is Female. A Heavy Strong Woman is always the Winner in a Mixed Fight if she know how to fight, if she know what to do. And i know! I founded the Female Fightclub Berlin to train with other skilled Female Wrestlers. This way i get the skills i need! My hardest Challengers was always the Women. I met and fought the biggest strongest Women and also the most skilled Female Fighters. What i enjoyed most was the Fights vs the biggest and strongest and best Female Bodybuilders, like Shawna Pierce aka Shawna Strong and Anna Mikhaylenko. Because i am Big, Strong and Heavy -115kg -my Fights vs Women are mostly Beauty vs Giant, Fighting Skills vs Raw Power and sometimes these Fights of the Titanes. Against the other Shehulks! People love my Fights because that. It is something for all. I don´t care if People love me or not! I like to force People to be my Slaves. To do what i want. I need to be in an aggressive Mode to do that. To be rough! So i like it if People are Cheeky and show no Respect aslong as their are near enough that i can teach them some Respect! How i do that you see here at this Site! 

Natural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuilder

natural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuilder


natural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuildernatural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuildernatural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuildernatural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuildernatural bodybuilder vs steroid bodybuilder