Red flushed face after steroid injection


Other symptoms may accompany liver pain. The following are some of the possibilities ( some of these, found with liver discomfort, may indicate a serious condition):

Portal hypertension ; breathing troubles ; eating disorders; exhaustion ; itching ; jaundice ; pain when breathing or coughing; right shoulder pain; swollen testes


Liver pain and abdominal pain in general are sometimes confused with each other. For reference purposes on this site, all upper-right abdominal pain is considered as potentially being liver pain. A doctor or medical professional may be able to determine the difference between particular types of pain in the abdomen, and whether they are related to the liver itself. Kidney pain is distinguished as it is located below the liver. Pancreas pain is also distinct, as it is also underneath.

Excessive drinking, or alcohol abuse, is commonly associated with liver pain. However, such pain as a symptom after drinking may also imply another underlying cause (such as hepatitis), which could itself be caused or worsened by the alcohol.

Diagnosis and treatment

A doctor may use some of the other present symptoms to assist in making a diagnosis of the liver pain cause. Treatment methods that may be used vary based on the diagnosis of the underlying cause. You can learn more about the particular potential causes mentioned on this site. Liver pain treatment methods may also include symptomatic options to relieve the pain and other symptoms experienced by the patient.

“As your body heats up during activity, your core temperature and your skin temperature increase,” says Edward Coyle, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin. In an effort to cool you off, your blood vessels and skin pores open, which allow your blood to flow closer to the surface of your skin. “This helps cool your blood and therefore your body,” Coyle says. “But especially if your skin is very pale to begin with, that increased blood flow may result in a red or flushed appearance.”

Red flushed face after steroid injection

red flushed face after steroid injection


red flushed face after steroid injectionred flushed face after steroid injectionred flushed face after steroid injectionred flushed face after steroid injectionred flushed face after steroid injection