Rip 225 anabolic muscle

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Mike how would go about using a planned caloric intake instead of basing everything on grams per lb of BW. I have done many diets and it seems that I always stay the same no matter what my training protocol is. I have done IIFYM and Carb-Backloading and nothing. I am 6’5 230lbs. I am in pretty good shape except for the pudge around by am very lean I mean veins in my thighs, chest, shoulder, and calves. I have always wanted to be more shredded (not stage shredded) but never could achieve it, could just be genetics. I want to give this carb-cycling a go but don’t know where to start. Right now i am going off of a 3000 cal diet with ~300 protein, ~230 carbs, and ~100g fat. I never know what calories to go by because I bust ass in the gym when I am in there. I was curious if you could point me in the right direction.

Rip 225 anabolic muscle

rip 225 anabolic muscle


rip 225 anabolic musclerip 225 anabolic musclerip 225 anabolic musclerip 225 anabolic musclerip 225 anabolic muscle