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The main focus should be hands and feet (that is, arms and legs) and should be developed via endurance rather than strength, as it’s more important to work your muscles longer than harder.
Resting 30-60 seconds will let your muscles regain
energy and oxygen to the cells, BUT your body (heart)
will stay in an increased performance state using more calories
than if you were sitting. It’s vital that your
doctor performs a physical to ensure that the following body parts can handle the stress you will place under the routine.

Arghya, in response to your substantive comments:
1. As to the finality of the decision provided for in Article 311(3), I would think that the finality cannot bar judicial review; and writs under Article 226 or Article 32 would still lie. However, since the standard of review would be Wednesbury, if you are suggesting that the Court would usually be loathe to reverse a decision taken under Article 311(2), I agree.
2. As to the due process, I am afraid I cannot see what more could have been done on the facts of the case. The initiation of the process with a report, which was considered by the Full Court, which then made a recommendation to the Governor, seems to incorporate sufficient safeguards, especially given the interests of the judiciary as an institution involved.

Somanabolico pdf

somanabolico pdf


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