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This is sort of in line with my personal interpretation of the Timeline(s). The way I see it, Ganondorf didn’t become evil until his visit to Hyrule. He saw how good the Hyruleans had it compared to the Gerudo, met with the King for whatever diplomatic purpose, and somewhere along the line, he learned of the Sacred Realm and the Triforce. He probably thought that divine favor would be a good way to improve life for his people, but his methods for attaining his goals became increasingly brutal, no doubt Demise’s curse was beginning to take root in his soul. He crossed the Moral Event Horizon in the Sacred Realm, where him and his followers found the Triforce and he slew them all and seized it for himself (an NPC in LttP explicitly mentions this happening, and it explains where the headless Gerudo inside the Iron Knuckles came from and why Nabooru despises him so much). By this point, he no longer really cares about the Gerudo, seeing them only as tools to be exploited, and seeks only to increase his own power. Tragic, but compelling.

After announcing his last year steroid cycle, he disappeared from the social media for a month, leaving many of his followers worried.  He gave some slight hints that he may have gotten himself into a sort of legal trouble or was recently hospitalized. Piana returned unexpectedly without any explanation. He often repeats his slogan “Whatever it takes” when he discusses the risks he’s prepared to undertake to succeed in the muscle-building business. Last year, he and his ex-wife, Sara Heimis, announced their divorce after a year of marriage.

Steroid guys tumblr

steroid guys tumblr


steroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblrsteroid guys tumblr