Steroid ointment for acne

Great post and enjoy all the comments! I too used to look for the magic pill that would solve my acne woes! I always ate pretty well, but eventually found that grains and dairy were causing my breakouts (and some other issues too!) I’m not saying that will work for everyone, but for me they were a real trigger. As soon as I eliminated them, I could feel the inflammation subsiding. I tried zinc supplements years ago without success, but I have no idea what form they were or what the dosage was. While it is best to get your nutrients from your food, sometimes the right supplement (or combo of supplements) can really make a difference. For me, what I put into my body affects my skin way more than what I put on my body (although I try to pay attention to that too!!!!)

Hi I’m 21 and I’ve been having these pimples(?) On my vagina. It like on the pubic area region and at first it seems to be starting as a hard ball under the skin then the head appears later. I had one but it went away after I popped it but now I just noticed that another hard ball has appeared right next to were I had the other one. I’m used to having one every once in a while but this is the first time one has appeared so soon after . I’m a little scared. Is this normal and how can I stop it?
Also I’m a virgin and I don’t shave my pubic region ( I just trim)

Steroid ointment for acne

steroid ointment for acne


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