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We’re growing and in search of more VOLUNTEERS
email Kathy Hart at hartsongranch@ or call Kathy at (530)
887-1263 or if you’re interested in any of these volunteer
Barn chores
have a saying here on the ranch and it is… it’s all about the poop! Who
pooped, how much was pooped and then of course, what to do with the
poop. Seems as though we spend an enormous amount of time moving poop
from one place to another but we do it for the comfort and health of the
sanctuary animals. After all, a clean barn is a healthy barn. Duties
include mucking stalls, cleaning water troughs, grooming the horses (and
sometimes a cow or two) and much more. Even though we consider barn
chores to be good, “clean” work, rest assured, you’ll leave far dirtier
than when you arrived. Another perk as it turns out…working the barns
and moving poop is a great cardio work-out, to boot. So if you don’t
mind getting a little dirty, enjoy working around horses, cows, pigs,
sheep, goats, turkeys and chickens and, if you’re available to donate
3-4 hours of your time, any day of the week, we could sure use your help
with morning chores!
you donate a few hours a week to fix what’s broken, drive a tractor,
use power tools or even chase down the occasional escaped cow running
a’muck in the neighborhood? If so, we could sure use your help and

Garden Master
you have a knack for digging in the dirt and making things grow? If so,
we’ve an undertaking for you. The garden plot has been designed and
established. Now all we need is for someone to plant, maintain and
oversee the garden. HartSong’s organic garden will be the “gateway” to
the Nature Trail which will soon be open for the public’s enjoyment the
spring of 2012. We’re so very excited to see what will blossom and take
Silent Auction Coordinator
you have a gift for organization and an eye for detail? If so, we could
sure use such an individual to help manage and organize the vast
collection of silent auction gifts most graciously donated to HartSong.

Steroid topikal mata

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