Steroids addiction facts

This dependence on the drug happens because the brain and body adapt to having drugs in the system for a while. A person may need larger doses of the drug to get the same initial effects. This is known as “tolerance.” When drug use is stopped, uncomfortable  withdrawal  symptoms can occur. When people continue to use the drug despite a range of negative consequences, it is considered an addiction. When a person is addicted to a drug, finding and using that drug can begin to feel like the most important thing—more important than family, friends, school, sports, or health. 

Hi Kearsarge!  Thanks for your question!  'Vape pens', or e-cigarettes, don't produce smoke (like  with traditional cigarettes), but they do contain nicotine, which is addictive.  While many people think they are safe and a safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, we don't currently know.  Luckily, scientists are currently doing research on e-cigarettes to figure out if and how they pose a danger to health.  Some things that we do know about e-cigs is that nicotine can effect the developing brain (and not necessarily in a good way).  It may be best to avoid use of these products until scientists can figure out what is in them, how they really work, any bad by-products they might produce and how they may impact your health!  

In a study of 14–15 year old adolescents, girls who engaged in strict dieting practices:
     - Were 18 times more likely to develop an ED within six months than non-dieters
     - Had almost a 20% chance of developing an ED within one year
Girls who dieted moderately were five times more likely to develop an ED within 6 months than non-dieters.
Patton, G. C., Selzer, R., Coffey, C., Carlin, J. B. & Wolfe, R. (1999). Onset of adolescent eating disorders: population based cohort study over 3 years. British Medical Journal , 318, 765-768.

Steroids addiction facts

steroids addiction facts


steroids addiction factssteroids addiction factssteroids addiction factssteroids addiction factssteroids addiction facts