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The "soft"™ jacket doesn't do it all. Uniformity and quality are crucial. We draw our own tubing, make our own jackets, and extrude our own lead cores to insure complete control and the highest quality. Virtually, all other bullets are made with a much harder alloyed lead core that contains tin and/or antimony. The Hawk Precision bullet uses a pure lead core which is softer and ballistically superior. We are able to hold our weight control several times closer than the commonly used industry standard. Every run, even 400 & 500 grain bullets are held within 1/2 grain. We don’t sort and sell different grades. We actually make every production run to this high standard, and then check every bullet and mark the variation on each box before shipping.

Belgian inventor de Wilde, who was living in Switzerland, invented a new bullet in 1938. In December of that year the British Air Ministry purchased the design. However, as the bullet had to be made by hand rather than mass-produced, Major C. Aubrey Dixon of the British Royal Arsenal at Woolwich developed a greatly improved bullet with similar incendiary capabilities. [6] This was adopted by British forces as the Incendiary B Mark VI. For security reasons, and to confuse the enemy, it was initially called 'de Wilde' ammunition, even though the design was almost entirely different from the original version. The B Mark VI incendiary bullet was packed with nitrocellulose , and a small steel ball was placed in the tip of the bullet to ensure that the chemical exploded on impact. As opposed to earlier designs, the B Mark VI was a true incendiary rather than tracer ammunition . [7] The B Mark VI incendiary bullets were first issued in June 1940 and tested operationally in the Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire in the air battles over Dunkirk . The explosive power, coupled with the flash on impact which guided their aim, was much appreciated by pilots. The bullets were at first scarce, and as a result, a mix of ball, AP, Mk IV incendiary tracer and Mk VI incendiary were used until production increased to sufficient levels. By 1942 the standard loading for fixed .303s was half loaded with AP and half with incendiary bullets. [8]

Tbullets are they steroids

t bullets are they steroids


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