Test c steroid cycle

Day 1 – Clomixyl 150mg –  in three divided doses.
Day 2 – Clomixyl 100mg –   in two divided doses
Following 10 days – Clomixyl 50mg  – before bed
Following 10 days – Clomixyl 50mg – before bed

Now I'm back and I'm finally making a decent cycle. I'm running GEP test cypionate and GEP winstrol (injectable) to kick the test in, started 2 weeks ago and added the winstrol 2 days ago. I wanted tbol since I'm bulking but only winstrol was in stock. I guess It's still decent to kick in the test. Previously I was scared of niddles and thought oral cycles are fine. I actually passed out when my friend was giving my my first test shot   but now I've been doing it myself in the glutes, np at all. Lifting heavy 5x a week and eating like a horse to get back in shape. I'm expecting to gain around 15lbs and I'll be posting my results here. 

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Test c steroid cycle

test c steroid cycle


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