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Twenty-nine of 30 patients completed the 12-month study period. The following results were observed: 35% (95% CI: 16%, 57%) of the 23 patients with baseline vaginal bleeding experienced a complete cessation of vaginal bleeding on-treatment (month 0 to 12); a reduction in the rate of bone age advancement during the 12-month study period compared to baseline (mean change = - [95% CI: -, -]); and a reduction in mean growth velocity Z-score on-treatment compared to baseline (mean change = - [95% CI: -, ]). There were no clinically meaningful changes in median Tanner stage (breast or pubic), mean uterine volume, or mean ovarian volume, or predicted adult height ( PAH ) on-treatment compared to baseline. The effect of FASLODEX on bone mineral density in children has not been studied and is not known.

In teratology studies in mice, rats and rabbits at doses of to mg/kg (less than 1/100 to approximately 1/3 the human exposure based on body surface area), because of the antiprogestational activity of mifepristone,fetal losses were much higher than in control animals. Skull deformaties were detected in rabbit studies at approximately 1/6 the human exposure, although no teratogenic effects of mifepristone have been observed to date in rats or mice. These deformities were most likely due to the mechanical effects of uterine contractions resulting from inhibition of progesterone action.

Test cyp steroid profile

test cyp steroid profile


test cyp steroid profiletest cyp steroid profiletest cyp steroid profiletest cyp steroid profiletest cyp steroid profile