Urethral steroid injection

Theca cells are a group of endocrine cells in the ovary made up of connective tissue surrounding the follicle that has many diverse functions during folliculogenesis. [1] These roles include synthesizing androgens , providing signal transduction between granulosa cells and oocytes during development by the establishment of a vascular system, providing nutrients, and providing structure and support to the follicle as it matures. [1] The theca cells are responsible for the production of androstenedione , and indirectly the production of 17β estradiol , also called E2, by supplying the neighboring granulosa cells with androstenedione that with the help of the enzyme aromatase can be used as a substrate for this type of estradiol . FSH induces the granulosa cells to make aromatase that converts the androgens made by the theca interna into estradiol. [ citation needed ]

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Urethral steroid injection

urethral steroid injection


urethral steroid injectionurethral steroid injectionurethral steroid injectionurethral steroid injection